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Laser Engraving FAQ

▋ What file types need to be provided?

Jpg or Png files with black text on a white background are required.
Or PDF files, AI files, PS files.

▋You can directly comment on the engraved text
Please note in the order what needs to be engraved
And select the font. After selecting, you will be provided with a diagram for confirmation.

▋ How to discuss laser engraving? How quickly can it be produced?

You can use whatsapp, FB, IG to discuss with you.
A diagram will be provided within 1-2 working days at the fastest after placing an order (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

After confirming the schematic diagram, it will be shipped within 2-3 working days at the earliest. The time will still vary depending on the actual engraving quantity, content and product!

But if you forget to confirm the schematic diagram, forget to read the message, or revise it repeatedly, you will not be able to really make a decision.

Discussions may take longer, and it may take longer for you to receive the finished product.
Therefore, it is recommended that you have some examples and have some clear ideas in your mind, which will make communication more efficient!

▋ The following are examples of laser engraving results:

If the lettering lines are clear and not too thick or too dense, the effect will be better!


▋ What kind of "laser engraving" effect will be slightly different from the schematic diagram?

The following situation does not mean that the finished product is a failure, but the effect of the finished product will be different from the schematic diagram. For some people who require perfection, it may be a bit mind-blowing.

Since everyone has slightly different expectations for results, we have accumulated some cases for your reference.
If you are someone who expects the schematic diagram to be more than 90% similar to the finished product, you can try to avoid the points mentioned below:


1. Lines that are too thin and too dense: Lines that are too thin tend to stick together.

2. The image quality of the image file is unclear and too blurry: When the image file is produced with unclear image quality, the lettering effect will produce burrs and particles.

Picture below: The engraving area is small and the characters are very dense. After reducing the engraving, the engraving will be less obvious. If you care about the lines of the text being clear, the text should be enlarged.

Picture below: The area for engraving is small, and the very fine lines may be faintly visible.

Pictured below: Both bowls and plates are engraved with the same pattern. However, the bowl is carved smaller and the lines around the eyes of the characters are less obvious.

▋ Why are the same wood products carved with different shades of color?

This may happen when you place an order for more than 2 pieces of the same wood product with engraving.
Because wood is a natural material, there will be differences in the location, quality and texture of the material.
Therefore, some parts will be very dark when carved, and some parts will be lighter when carved. These are parts that we cannot control.
The black part of the laser engraving is carbon powder/carbonization effect. Not every product may have carbonization effect. The carbon powder will reduce with use and cleaning.

Pictured below: Wooden cups have different textures, and areas with wood grains may be carved deeper than areas without grains. The three wooden cups in the photo need to be engraved with the same pattern, but the three have different shades of color.

Picture below: The dark part of the engraving may have different shades of text due to the effect of charcoal powder.

Picture below: The engraving part may not have a dark effect, but may have a dark but light effect.

Picture below: When engraving the same pattern, because the products are different, there is a chance that the pattern will be darker and lighter.

▋Why are there deviations in the actual finished product?

Since the laser engraving we provide is for small orders, we can only produce one or two products of different sizes each time it is turned on. Therefore, it must be manually calibrated every time, and there may be slight deviations if the customer specifies the engraving content. "Center Alignment", we will tell you first that we can only try to center it.